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Please Note: All event tickets are sold at the gates, the day of the event

Grandstand areas at Spokane County Raceway: No outside food or drinks are allowed.  NO OUTSIDE  ALCOHOL OR DRUGS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! No dogs, fire arms or knives, smoking or vaping in the grandstands. You can bring your own lawn chair and blankets to sit on. All bags are checked at the entrance gates by security.


 Rodda Paints Super Pro Eliminator: $65.00 - 7.00-11.99 Winner & R/U Payout Winner Trophy 


 O'Reilly Auto Parts Pro Eliminator: $65.00 - 9.00 - 13.99 Winner & R/U Payout  Winner Trophy 


 Sportsman : $50.00 - 12.00 -19,99 Winner & R/U Payout  Winner Trophy 

Bike/Sled Summit Points: $50.00..7.50 - 14.99 Winner & R/U Payout Winner Trophy  


Jr Dragster Eliminator Trophy Class: Spectator Price Per Event - NHRA Membership Required.  

Jr. Street Trophy Class: Spectator Price Per Event 13-16 years of age. Approved Vehicles must be registered, insured, street legal with mufflers and street tires and run 9.00 seconds or slower 1/8th mile.  Helmets required 


Time Only, Licensing & Single Passes $75.00


Friday Nights Under The Lights $50.00 


Wilde Automotive Powder Puff  Class: $50.00  10.00 - 19.99 Winner & R/U Payout Winner Trophy



 Trophy Class: $50.00 - 8.00 - 19.99 Open To The Public Hot Rods, Street Cars Etc. 

Winner Trophy


True Street, Street legal Trophy Class: $50.00 Open To The Public, Licensed Street legal Car with all working lights, street tires, a daily driver. No Slicks Or Open Exhaust. 


Outlaw Street Trophy Class; $50.00:  The Fastest Street Dogs:  Open To The General Public. Open To Slicks, Open exhaust, licensed, all Lights working. 

Outlaw Hot Rod Trophy Class: $50.00 Open to The General Public Class,  Hot Rods, Slicks, Open Exhaust, Blowers, Turbo , Injected, Nitrous Etc. Big Dog Racing.  


Big Smoke Racing High School: $ Spectator Price Per Event With Signed Parental consent Form, School ID & Current Drivers License. Helmets Required For All Drivers. Winner Trophy 


 All Access Challenge Wally Event September 21-22- 2019 is open to all racers running in the Summit Points Series at any NHRA track, Super Pro, Pro Eliminator, Sportsman, Powder Puff, Trophy Class, Jr. Dragster. Bike/Sled,  Racers from out of town are encouraged to race this event. 


King Of The Track & Open  Wally Event Rules ; NHRA Points Racers from out of town are encouraged to join this event. No Cross Talk allowed. OPEN CLASS for a wally will also be offered at this event $65.00 buy in open to all racers running any NHRA Summit Points series at any NHRA track.. 


All Nitro, Alcohol, Pro Mods , Top Dragsters,10.5 Radial, 275 Radial,  Must Have a Full Belly Pans And Diaper To Contain Oil. Oil Downs That Require Clean Up Disqualifies That Run.


Spokane County Raceway Maintains The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone Not Complying With SCR Rules.

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