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Winter Snow Rally 2019

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

With such a mild winter we've had this year, the event's name quickly got changed to the Winter NO Snow Rally! Luckily the wet ground made for a muddy course in the north parking lot and some slick turns on the road course and oval track!

A Fun Day

It's the middle of winter, and we're all itching for warmer weather so we can fill our need for speed at the track. The Winter Snow Rally was designed to get you back behind the wheel for some fun action while taking advantage of the usual snow we have. The best part of this event is that it's just pure fun. No racing, no keeping track of times. It's just you and your car driving fast on the courses, sliding around turns, and seeing what you can handle.

Four Courses

This year we decided to add two more courses giving our drivers the option of four courses to play on. The north parking lot is one giant flat piece of property, perfect for an obstacle course, so we turned it into TWO obstacle courses! Mud and gravel was flying everywhere on each turn. The oval track was set up with a lot of quick turns starting out with a straight path so you could build up some speed before taking the first two turns. The road course was the biggest hit this year! The rain made it extra challenging around the corners but everyone seemed to enjoy taking the course at their own speed.

More Details

Just $45 to bring your car out to play around on the courses or ride with someone, $15 to sit back and enjoy the view. 12 and under were free! Free camping as usual too, which we did have some brave people do in this chilly weather! Gates opened at 8am and drivers were welcome to come all day long and stay for as long or as short as they wanted!

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