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The 2020 Season and Beyond

At this time Raceway Investments LLC is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with Spokane County that will keep Spokane County Raceway open for the 2020 racing season.  This agreement will allow Spokane County Commissioners the time needed to continue working on a long term solution for the raceway facility.

Spokane County commissioners, the community, along with the racing community have been very supportive of the racing facility.  As we move forward throughout the 2020 racing season, the continued support of the raceway facility will be of utmost importance in securing the facility as a raceway and open to the public long term.

Efforts are being made to have the facility fully operational with a full schedule of Drag Racing, Road Course Events, and possibly Oval Track events if the public support is warranted.  Schedules for all three tracks will be posted on this website only at

Appointees have been made to oversee the drag strip and road course,  { See Below } to provide specialized experiences that will enhance the performance of each track keeping it a professional racing facility that we can all take pride in.  We are thankful to have such a world class racing facility right here in Spokane County and appreciate your support in keeping it that way.

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Please Note: All event tickets are sold at the gates the day of the event except special Nitro events.

Grandstand areas & fenced in areas at Spokane County Raceway: Washington State Law & Insurance Providers Require that No outside food or drinks allowed in or out of this area.  NO OUTSIDE  ALCOHOL OR DRUGS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! No dogs, fire arms or knives, no smoking or vaping in the grandstand areas. You can bring your own lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. All bags are checked at the entrance gates by security. Please Note: Washington State Law {does allow} racers and campers the right to have food & beverage of any kind including alcohol in there designated pit area or camping spot only.  This means you can not walk around freely through the pit areas with any type of alcoholic beverage. NOTE: New handicap area parking will be provided for 2020.  You must have a current dated handicap sign displayed from your rear view mirror at all times to enter the handicap areas checked by SCR security before entering. Spokane County Raceway reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons that are noncompliant.