FRIDAY NIGHT Street Scene Open To The         General Public To Participate

All Friday Night Racers Now Have Street Classes On Saturday Events


BACK TO TRUE STREET RACING ! The goal is to provide an

alternative approach to driving illegally on dangerous streets, and to provide

racing activities at a safe, professionally monitored, fully environment

where all of us, imports, muscle cars, exotics, and motorcycles can have a

place to call home. In addition to encouraging safe racing, Street Racing program introduces our sport to a new generation and provides a gateway to competitive racing.  The new 2019  Street Racing program will have 2 classes for people to bring their daily driven and weekend warriors to the track in street condition to compete legally and safely with other enthusiasts.  The new program will include two top ten street car classes  to spice things up a bit!   " OUTLAW STREET ":  This class is for the hardcore street racers, the guys who push their luck on the street by driving cars most would never dream of !  This class is meant to be very simple: if you have current license plates and tabs, along with functioning exterior lights, and $50.00 to enter you are in! . Spectators are $15.00 Kids 12 & Under are free.  Slicks and open exhaust are welcome.  " REAL STREET True Street,  This class is for the daily driver, emissions legal street cars, like the one you drive to work every day.  Rules are simple !  Current license plates and tabs, functioning lights, DOT approved tires, full rear exiting exhaust system.  " TIME ONLY and  FIRST TIMERS ":  This is as simple as it states, if you want to bring your car out and see what it will run in real street conditions without the fear of getting in trouble with the law --- come on out!   If you are new to the drag strip and would like a little help getting started, we have on site personnel that will be right there  to help you out.  Come on out to Spokane County Raceway and hang out with us!  Bring all your friends and enjoy the thrill of REAL STREET RACING  and see if you can win a trophy and the bragging rights for the week !  Click on schedule for gate times and dates. 


General Tech:

- Helmets required for 13.99 and faster, 

Snell M2010, M2015,SA 2010, or SA 2015 or newer mandatory. Entries running 14.00 & slower, helmet is recommended)

All participants will not be charged for car number for 2018, car numbers will be assigned to you, or your current car number will be used if it is a NHRA Number.


- NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED With Out Prior Management Approval.
- Parental consent required for racers under 18 years 

- General Rules and Conditions
- "Minor's Assumption of Risk Release Waiver of Liability form signed and Notarized by both Father and Mother.  

 ** Must be 21+ to drink alcoholic beverages in the grand stand area only. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the pit area.
 ** Only the driver that purchased the tech card and signed it is allowed to drive that car. 
 ** Cars must drive on and off of the track surface under their own power. No pushing or towing unless the vehicle is broken. Jumping a car at the starting line is not allowed.
 ** Drivers must be near their cars while in staging.
 ** Anyone who is not staff will not be permitted on the track at any time (unless permission granted by track officials). 
 ** Event staff reserves all rights regarding vehicle eligibility and disqualification. Spokane County Raceway Reserves The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone Not Complying With SCR Rules.


© 2020 by Spokane County Raceway

Please Note: All event tickets are sold at the gates the day of the event except special Nitro events.

Grandstand areas & fenced in areas at Spokane County Raceway: Washington State Law & Insurance Providers Require that No outside food or drinks allowed in or out of this area.  NO OUTSIDE  ALCOHOL OR DRUGS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! No dogs, fire arms or knives, no smoking or vaping in the grandstand areas. You can bring your own lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. All bags are checked at the entrance gates by security. Please Note: Washington State Law {does allow} racers and campers the right to have food & beverage of any kind including alcohol in there designated pit area or camping spot only.  This means you can not walk around freely through the pit areas with any type of alcoholic beverage. NOTE: New handicap area parking will be provided for 2020.  You must have a current dated handicap sign displayed from your rear view mirror at all times to enter the handicap areas checked by SCR security before entering. Spokane County Raceway reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons that are noncompliant.