COVID-19 Precautions

Things to bring to the track: 

  • Your own writing pen for tech cards

  • Garbage bags, pack it in pack it out 

  • Face masks & hand sanitizer 


Overnight camping is allowed for all events at Spokane County Raceway

Employee and Event Staff Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

All Spokane County Raceway personnel are required to wear PPE, including but not limited to masks and gloves during events. The only exception is for personnel who work in isolated, non-public areas. In addition, all track partners and event organizers are required to wear masks and gloves when in areas that interact with participants and the public.


Employee Health/Symptoms

All Raceway personnel including employees, event partners and race organizers are required to undergo a health screening check each day prior to the event beginning. Persons exhibiting symptoms of fever, coughing, or shortness of breath will be sent home. Health check paperwork are to be signed by the employee and by the COVID-19 Coordinator or designee and will be kept confidentially on file. If employees, event partners and race organizers have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, they must stay home until free of symptoms for a least 72 hours without the use of medicine. Employees, event partners or race organizers who have been exposed to someone COVID-19 positive, or themselves have tested positive, must remain home for two weeks minimum, or until symptom free.  After that time, they may return only when asymptomatic and with doctor’s permission.


Participant Health/Symptoms

Participants, crew and family at the direction of the Raceway or the event organizer or sanctioning body may be required to undergo a health screening check prior to entering the facility. This screening may involve a temperature check and a symptom and exposure questionnaire. Screening results will remain confidential. Participants, crew or family members who exhibit signs of acute respiratory illness and/or have a fever will be sent home. Participant, crew and family who have been exposed to someone COVID-19 positive or themselves have been tested positive must remain home for two weeks minimum, or until symptom free.

Pit Parking

A minimum of one parking spaces,  is required between race cars, trucks, trailers and haulers.


Social Distancing

All participants are required to maintain a minimum separation of six feet at all times. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in a participant being asked to leave, with no refund of participant entry fees; or if violation is of a larger scale, the cancelation of the event with no refund of participant entry fees.

Participant Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

All participants are required to wear PPE, including masks when outside of their pit area. This includes any crew members or family that are in attendance. It is the responsibility of all participants to bring their own masks and other PPE that may be required.

All participants are required to take all garbage out of the facility after the event.  Pack it in pack it out !  Bring your own garbage bags.


Grandstand and Viewing Areas  At that time, social distancing protocols will be in place to ensure that appropriate social distance in the grand stand area is observed.


Technical Inspection

A minimum of one car lengths must be observed for car and driver going through tech inspection. Drivers going through tech inspection must wear masks and will be asked to step a minimum of six feet away from the car while it is inspected. If crew members are needed at tech inspection, they must observe the same requirements as the driver.  


Staging and Pre-Grid

Drivers are to remain in their cars at all times while in the staging lanes (drags) or pre-grid (road course). Any crew members in these areas are to wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines. For drag racing, alternate staging lanes will be used and drivers must observe a minimum of one car length separation. Likewise, pre-grid must observe a minimum of one car length separation.

Starting Line (Drag Racing)

A maximum of two crew members are allowed at the starting line for each car. Crew must wear masks at all times and may stay at the starting line only for their car to complete its pass.  All starting line and barrier wall areas are off-limits to viewing. Similarly, no golf carts are to be parked at the starting line and staging areas for viewing other than Jr Dragster carts when making a run.

Tower (Drag Racing) and Racer Services (Road Racing)

The control tower including all suites and racer control are for authorized personnel only. They are closed to racer, crew or sponsors. In the event prize checks are to be awarded, racers will be provided an electronic W-2 to fill out prior to the event and prize checks will be mailed after the event. For Road Racing, any type of Racer Service location will be limited to one attendant with no que available for racers; with both the attendant and the racer wearing a mask at all times.

Event Ingress and Egress

Depending on the event, access to the facility and time spent at the facility at the conclusion of the event will be limited. Participants are encouraged to leave as quickly as possible at the end of the event. 

Sanitation and Cleanliness

During all events, Spokane County Raceway staff will ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures are in place to permanent restrooms and common areas, before, during and after. Track partners and race organizers will be required to do the same with their areas. In most cases, portable restrooms intended for the public will be off-limits and locked until further notice. Each permanent restroom has sinks, soap and paper towels. Every effort will be made to ensure there is no interruption to this service.



After the event, any employee, track partner, event organizer, participant or crew who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to contact the Raceway’s COVID-19 Coordinator at 509-988-0106 so contact tracing and notification can be done. Individuals who contact the Coordinator shall remain confidential.



Any complaints or issues regarding anyone, activity, or lack of protocol at the event shall be brought to the attention of the event manager as soon as possible. Track officials reserve the right to revoke facility privileges or cancel the event of protocols are not being followed.