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Please Note: All event tickets are sold at the gates the day of the event except special Nitro events.

Grandstand areas & fenced in areas at Spokane County Raceway: Washington State Law & Insurance Providers Require that No outside food or drinks allowed in or out of this area.  NO OUTSIDE  ALCOHOL OR DRUGS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! No dogs, fire arms or knives, no smoking or vaping in the grandstand areas. You can bring your own lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. All bags are checked at the entrance gates by security. Please Note: Washington State Law {does allow} racers and campers the right to have food & beverage of any kind including alcohol in there designated pit area or camping spot only.  This means you can not walk around freely through the pit areas with any type of alcoholic beverage. NOTE: New handicap area parking will be provided for 2020.  You must have a current dated handicap sign displayed from your rear view mirror at all times to enter the handicap areas checked by SCR security before entering. Spokane County Raceway reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons that are noncompliant.

2020 Drag Strip Schedule

April 25  T&T Chassis Cert

Jr Street Orientation

May 9  Summit  #1 

NHRA Land Of The Leaders

May 23  Summit  #2

June 13  Summit  #3

NHRA Land Of The Leaders

June 19-20  UNFC  Nitro Spring Nationals Wild West Shoot Out! Top Fuel Dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars, Nitro Altereds, Blown Alcohol Funny Cars and Dragsters, NW Nostalgia Tour and More.  Summit # 4

July 11  Summit #5 

NHRA Land Of The Leaders

July 25  Summit #6 NHRA TV Challenge

August 8  Summit #7

Land Of The Leaders &

King Of The Track

August 21-22  UNFC Nitro Summer Nationals Jet Car Finals Featuring The North West Outlaws 10.5 - 8.5, Top Fuel Dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars, Nitro Altereds, Blown Alcohol Funny Cars and Dragsters, Jet Cars, NW Nostalgia Tour, Wheel Standers and more, Summit #8, NHRA JR Dragster Challenge

September 3-7  NHRA ET Finals Woodburn Drag Strip

September 19  Summit #9 

NHRA Member Track Madness

Due to financial considerations there will be no Friday Night drags, two lanes will be open at Saturday Summit events for street cars excluding Nitro events.

2020 Road Course Schedule 

April 11 First Open Road Course

April 28 Badlands

May 2  Open Road Course

May 5 Badlands

May 16  Open Road Course

May 19 Badlands

May 22 BRR Private Event

June 2 Badlands

June 3-7 Sovren Vintage Cars

June 16 Badlands

June 23 Badlands

June 27  Open Road Course

July 4-5 Independence Matsuri 

July 18  Open Road Course

August 1 Open Road Course

August 15  Open Road Course

September 12  Open Road Course

September 25 BRR Private Event

September 26  Open Road Course

October 3-4 ASNW Auto Cross

October 10  Open Road Course

October 24  Open Road Course

VP Fuel Will Be Sold In Sealed 5 Gallon Containers And Sealed 55 Gallon Drums Only. No Pumping Fuel Into Personal Containers 2020.



On Saturday's SCR will have two lanes for heads up street and grudge racing.  You can pick a grudge buddy or pair up with the others in line.  Cost will be $50.  We will start the run order by 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on across all the staging lanes so you will get the same number of passes as the summit group gets time trials.  After we go into eliminations with summit, we will have some times of down time while we wait for them to get back for the next round.  We will run the streetcar lanes out of run order then.  When we have any lined up, we rwill un them. These lanes will be heads up.  There will not be eliminations in street/grudge.  You can come back over and over even if you get beat!

NOTE: Any additions or changes to the schedules will be reflected on this website only as events are added.




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